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Alrighty, I figured that since we have so many exchange communities popping up, and we end up with so many cross posts on these communities, that we needed a place to post about it.

And thus was born Exchange Pimpin'.

Anyone is welcome to post here, for any sort of art exchange/competition community. By no means does your community have to be furry in nature to post here.

I ask that you pay attention to whats been posted, so that we don't get 20 people posting about the same community. :) However, feel free to post each month (or however often) when your roll call/ new round begins.

Current list of Communities

And my lack-luster descriptions of them...

The Originals!

furartxchange: Every two weeks there is a chosen one, memebers draw the chosen one, there is then a vote, wherein the person reciving the most votes becomes the new chosen one.
furartxchange2: Furry themed Secret Santa style exchange. Runs every month, aprox every other month there is a theme, like song lyrics, or monochromatic.

Secret Santa Stlye Exchanges:

These exchanges are ran by members signing up during a "Roll Call" and then reciving a random person to draw. Usually ran once a month.

con_badges Conbadges
pokedigixchange: Focuses on characters from exsisting fandoms.
animeartxchange: Non Furry, Anime
furoticxchange: Adult Furry themed
100x100xchnge: LJ icon trading
gryphon_xchange: For gryphons (they have a very loose definition of gryphons over there, lots of hybrids accepted!)
dragon_exchange: For the draconic types.
caninexchange: Any sort of canine.
wolfxchange: Wolfs only
paleo_exchange: Extinct things...if I remember correctly, hybrids are accpeted.
wildcatxchange: For the kitties out there. I belive both furry, and non morphic critters are allowed.
mythicexchange2: Dragons, gryphons, unicorns, and other mythics are welcome here.
avian_exchange: Burds!
reptile_xchange: Lizards, and their kin are welcome in this community.

The others

These are the communitites that don't run in a Secret Santa style trade.

genusmysterious Every month, a critters description is put up, with no pictures attached. Memembers draw critter based on description. Best rendition creates the next description.

If you would like me to post a better description of your community, please let me know, just coment on one of my posts, or in your introduction post with what you'd like your blurb to be.